Friday, February 27, 2009

A Peek Inside...India Hicks

The other day I was at the gym and all the magazines were taken except Cookie- a magazine for new moms. If you know me, and you saw me, NO I am not pregnant, I know how these things get started. Anyhoo, I was thrilled to see they had an article on India Hicks in the issue. Between her designs, TV shows, fabrics, etc. I know we see a lot of India. But I loved seeing her at home with her family. The images are perfection.
Dark hard wood floors? Check. On the beach? Check. Cute little blond boy? Check. Office with character? Check. Parrot? Check. Yep, this is my dream home.I love all the personalities that come out in these pictures.
Yes, I too studied the background closely...
Hope your weekend looks like this....

Complete Set of Pictures and Full Article HERE.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Remembering to Breath....

The other night (during the Oscars) I saw the MasterCard Priceless commercial for owning your own small business. I of course loved it and you can see the whole thing HERE. I couldn't figure out how to get it on this post, but click on the link and scroll through the commercials on the side and you will see it.A year and half ago I started my own business, a life long dream. While it is priceless, there are a lot of days I can't breath due to the stresses of a business. I was very blessed to have a busy past few months, but now my big projects are wrapping up and the worst stress of them all is seeping in. Where is the next client coming from?
(image via Domino-tranquil rooms)

I know so many of you out there know this exact feeling. As fate would have it, I came across a post from Colour Me Happy which started with the following quote:

"People ask me all the time how can they get this life that I have where I do something I love, get to make my own hours, and support a family. Seems great, right? But that life also comes with this: having no idea how I'll get paid next. And it happens all the time." Penelope Trunk

Somehow, knowing that other people feel the way I do makes me feel better (not that I want other people to be stressed, but you know what I mean). You should go HERE to read Maria's entire post. One more thing I love about the blogging world, an instant support system.

(image from Veranda)

Okay, just feeling uneasy and need to vent to my blog world friends. Thank you for listening!

*If you are feeling some anxiety and need an outlet I am here!

**If you are in the Birmingham area (or even not) and in need of any decorating help (no job is too small or too big- I promise decorators don't have to be scary or ridiculously expensive) please e-mail me!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sending Out an S.O.S.

Help me fellow bloggers and readers! You know it is bad when I do 2 posts in one day! Here is my problem. I pick out paint colors for a living, and I love it, yet one color I still have not mastered. I am looking for 2 colors- the first color is a really light true gray that won't turn blue at all. The second color is a light gray/blue/silver that won't turn BABY BOY/Nursery blue. The other day I was helping a Jessica pick out a dining room color with the second color combination in mind. But this is what happened...
Yikes! Not the look we were going for! We were looking more for a room like this from Domino-
Which is Smoke by Benjamin Moore-Or this room seen on Colour me Happy-Which is this Benjamin Moore Whirlpool-So please, if you can help me get these colors under control I would forever be indebted! I will take any and all suggestions!

Out and About

Just some things I spotted out and about while shopping for clients. This first piece is actually 4 REALLY old corbels attached on the back to make an almost cross-like architectural piece. It was love at first sight. Unfortunately, it did not work for my client and it is not in my budget. However, one day I am going to replicate this.....What is it with animal heads? My FRIEND must be contagious...
The head and these horses are from Z Gallerie. I have wanted these for a WHILE, but now in this green color I want one even more. Once again, I can't explain it...
Saw these paintings in an antique store, very similiar to my true love Hyche
These barley twist tables are classic and multi-functional...

Something about these chairs and the next one grabbed me. Maybe it was the GREAT price, or my love of tufting. Definitely in need of a good reupholster.
The suitcases made me smile because the initials on them are "RAT". Not sure how I feel about the light fixture.

LOVE! You should be mine. I could be so organized!
I have a thing for "Cane" furniture, don't know why...
Once again, is it the price? The tufting? I can't explain, I just heard it call my name as I walked by.
Narrow tables like this one are hard to find but so useful.
Random: Love these sheers from West Elm and the table from Target you have seen on here before, but now it is on clearance. How many times a day must I remind myself that clearance/sale is still not free!

So many good deals, so little funds...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Because You Know A Weekend Can't Go By Without A Project

Since I am trying to cut back on shopping, my house projects have become more about reusing things I already have. So this weekend I decided to shuffle around some things on my walls. These posters I got at Target YEARS ago, and while I know they are not the height of decor, I love them still and that is what matters.These mirrors below I got at market for a great price and decided to use two of them in the hall where one of the posters above used to be and the other two I put above our bed.

My favorite project though was making a collage with variuos pieces we have collected over the years.

After many different formations this is the final one. The wall includes a poster from Double Decker, a festival in Oxford, MS, 2 pictures from Eric Weaver, that I bought in Venice Beach while visiting D, a piece of art from Africa that is made out of metal (bought when I was there with my Dad), another print of Oxford, two pieces from Jamie Hayes, a New Orleans artist, a print from Yellow Stone -a gift from my Husband, a 3-D beach scene from Chile-a gift from my Dad who is from there, and a poster from Memphis in May-a gift from a great friend as a going away present when I moved from Memphis to B'ham. I love them all and I am so happy to have them all on display instead of in various locations.
Finally, this was not a project this weekend, but it will be a future project. I bought this lantern for a INSANELY great price at Peck N' Hills, one of my favorite local shops, and I can't wait to put my spin on it. The problem is that I don't know how I want to use it and it will probably for the mean time end up with the other fixtures I am saving.

Can't you see it refinished, maybe a crazy color? Redo the glass? No glass? Endless possibilites, I was so excited about this find! More to come tomorrow....

PS-still trying to recover yesterday's post. This one went up early too. Things That Inspire I did get your comment, thanks for stopping by!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Best Gift

I had to wish a Happy First Birthday to our dog Harry, who was our "first wedding anniversary" gift to each other (a little late). We got him at the Humane Society and he was "on sale" since he was past the "new puppy" stage. He is the best $85 we ever spent. Since I work from home several days a week, he is the best coworker I could ask for!
There are many more lovable animals looking for a good home. Please visit your local Humane Society or if you are in the Birmingham area go HERE.

(pictures from my camera phone=bad pictures)


So I am clearly having technical issues since my whole post from this morning disappeared!!! I will try to repost it this afternoon. I hope this is isn't a sign of things to come today!

Monday's Are For Day Dreaming...Baby Bites

Thursday, February 19, 2009

And The Oscar Goes To....

What is your dream job? Mine changes all the time, but consistently I dream of moving to New York or L.A. and becoming a set decorator. I know the grass is always greener, blah blah, but how great would it be to have a big budget, work with sources who are thrilled to be part of the next big movie, TV show etc, and knowing your work could make viewers love what they are watching just a little more? I was just pondering this the other day when I turned on Good Morning America and saw a wonderful interview with Rosemary Brandenburg. So there I sat at my desk/makeup table/oversized catchall, etc (remember tiny house=multi-functioning pieces) listening to the real deal dish about her trade. Full Interview HERE.
The mastermind behind movies such as Transformers and What Women Want got me thinking about my favorite sets. Then low and behold I was on The Washington Post the other day and in honor of the Oscars they asked readers to vote on their favorite movie sets.Father Of The Bride and The Holiday both scored high on the list. I know, no one in the blog world is shocked by The Holiday. Who isn't obsessed with one of the two homes. If you haven't seen this movie, you should rent it just for the sets!
More than one client has pointed me towards Cameron's house in the film as an inspiration jumping off point. So while browsing around I came across this wonderful POST by Surroundings which will assist you in getting the look!
But I must say, my favorite set lately has to be, hands down, Victory Ford's apartment on Lipstick Jungle. Every time it is on screen I pause it to take in the colorful details. Lucky for me the apartment is broken down (see picture below) by Bandelle .
While we are on the subject of TV show sets, who doesn't love the sets of Gossip Girl? You remember this POST. It was a treat this morning while flipping through the February InStyle to find 3 designers giving their spin to the oval office. I was thrilled to see the "Eclectic" look was designed by Loren Weeks, Christina Tonkin and Malchus Janocko-the set designers for our favorite New York socialites of Gossip Girl.To see the other designs by Jonathan Adler and Amy Mellen for Calvin Klein Home click HERE. sum up this post, I am moving into Victory Ford's apartment in New York where I will spend half the year on sets there and then to Cameron Diaz's home in The Holiday where I will work the other half of the year in L.A.

I know, it is alot to ask. After this week, I will just settle for it being Friday. Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend....

Speaking of Cajun Country....

Busy day so this is going to be short and sweet. My favorite Cajun gave me many of my first decorating books, including this one...I know most of you probably need another coffee table like you need a hole in your head, but if you are like me you just can't help yourself. What? I am addicted.
This book featuring the work of famous architect A. Hays Town, is an interesting look into a fascinating life.....
Not only is it full of interiors and exteriors that are classics, it also has many images that are stunning by themselves.

Are there other books I simply must have? I would love to hear some favorites!