Thursday, February 26, 2009

Remembering to Breath....

The other night (during the Oscars) I saw the MasterCard Priceless commercial for owning your own small business. I of course loved it and you can see the whole thing HERE. I couldn't figure out how to get it on this post, but click on the link and scroll through the commercials on the side and you will see it.A year and half ago I started my own business, a life long dream. While it is priceless, there are a lot of days I can't breath due to the stresses of a business. I was very blessed to have a busy past few months, but now my big projects are wrapping up and the worst stress of them all is seeping in. Where is the next client coming from?
(image via Domino-tranquil rooms)

I know so many of you out there know this exact feeling. As fate would have it, I came across a post from Colour Me Happy which started with the following quote:

"People ask me all the time how can they get this life that I have where I do something I love, get to make my own hours, and support a family. Seems great, right? But that life also comes with this: having no idea how I'll get paid next. And it happens all the time." Penelope Trunk

Somehow, knowing that other people feel the way I do makes me feel better (not that I want other people to be stressed, but you know what I mean). You should go HERE to read Maria's entire post. One more thing I love about the blogging world, an instant support system.

(image from Veranda)

Okay, just feeling uneasy and need to vent to my blog world friends. Thank you for listening!

*If you are feeling some anxiety and need an outlet I am here!

**If you are in the Birmingham area (or even not) and in need of any decorating help (no job is too small or too big- I promise decorators don't have to be scary or ridiculously expensive) please e-mail me!


Lauren said...

marianne, i SO feel you on this one. It's just such an uneasy feeling & I'm getting nervous with the whole economy thing... i'm here for you & totally know what you'r egoing through.


Colour Me Happy said...

Thanks for quoting me sweet blogger friend!! That is the great thing about this outlet, we can support each other.

Sweet Nothings said...

keep up the great work!!:)

paula said...

ugh, we got in a bad mortgage deal before this whole ordeal and are having a hard time refinancing. Maybe today our tides will change. I just hate throwing money away.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...


I totally know what you are going thru as well. Here I am trying to launch a business when the economy is doing so bad. Ah I'm just trying to look on the bright side of things. Things have to start looking up.

I was also inspired by that mastercard commercial. It really connected with me and how I'm feeling now.

Be strong!!!!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

I concur...we just had our first round of layoffs two weeks fun!

MelMir said...

I also feel you on this one! It is very nerve racking...I have a baby on the way!!!!

Anonymous said...


Donna said...

I feel you! That is the dilema of owning your own is always there...I think the design industry as a whole is having to rethink how we do business, make our services more accesible and like you said "less scarier". Thanks for sharing, it is good to we are not alone in feeling this way...hang in there!

Zuniga Interiors Design Studio said...


So many of us know how you feel, I had a 3200 sq. ft. design showroom and was forced due to the economy, to downsize my business. Owning a business can be difficult but it has so many pluses, we just need to get through the difficult or slower times while keeping our head up and looking to a new project that will surely come our way! Take care you!