Friday, January 30, 2009

What Is Your Grain?

I saw this sign at market and it really grabbed me. One thing I am always working on is trying to stay true to myself and not worry about what other people think. While I think I succeed at this most of the time, it is an ongoing battle. I find this true in life and decorating.I was reading Elle from Oct. 08 and found an article by Alex Postman describing her meetings with Isaac Mizrahi in which he was helping her find her style. I related to what she was saying in the following excerpt:

"I admit I harbor an envy of fashion extroverts-those bold, creative souls who can wear a coquettish plummed hat, or capelet, or studded leather boots without crippling self-awareness. People for whom the term faaaaabulous is used unironically."

Isaac is one of those people who exudes personal style and loads of personality and makes it look easy. Another person who I adore for being a completely unique is Betsy Johnson.
While I think truly over the top people are amazing, I just struggle to be true to my slightly different side, trying to really focus on what I like and stick to it. When I saw this picture I immediately thought, "Now that girl has personal style".
This picture, just like the sign above jumped out and grabbed me. I sometimes wonder if I didn't have outside influences what would my style be? Not that I think outside influences are bad, they keep things fresh and inspire you to grow and continually evolve. So my hope for this year is to evolve while not losing my individuality.

*This last picture is a sneak preview of my post on Monday on my new favorite photographer....

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Goodbye Domino

In the words of one of my favorite peeps, Tom Petty, "Don't do me like that". This sentiment is of course directed towards the suits at Conde Nast. I know by now that everyone has heard the news. Today I just I want to have a pity party so please indulge me. I know that so many people are hurting right now (including the staff of the Domino) and that times are tough and I have NO reason to be feeling sorry for myself, but I am blue.
When Cottage Living shut down I was depressed. A magazine that I LOVED was gone. Now Domino, my all time favorite. Sure there are others, many that I love too, but I never saw myself more than in Domino (CL too). I love the homes in House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Elle Decor, etc. but my home may never get to the point that it looks like that, and if it does it will be YEARS from now.

Some things have a more direct impact on your career than others, this magazine was one of those things. I know this sounds dramatic but it is true. It shaped a lot of what I do and was an amazing release for my funky side. One of my long term goals was to make into Domino somehow.

I know all industries are hurting, and design/decorating is no different. Things are changing and it is a tough time to be in this field. The best thing for me lately was the discovery of the design blog world and all the people who are going through the same things as me. I am so grateful to have found y'all.

With that said, reading things on the internet, even the Domino website, is not the same as reading a magazine. For me, I would take a magazine any day. I don't understand why all these magazines are folding, (I know WHY, I just can't comprehend it), isn't there something we can do?

Any ideas on where I am going to go now to get my young, funky, fun, eclectic fix?
To find rooms with as much unique character as this....

(To try to pick my favorite images would be impossible and due to time constraints I wasn't able to really go through and pick out the best examples of the magazine, although this was one of my favorites)....
This image seen in my favorite article from Domino basically sums up my love for the magazine..
Thank you Domino staff for all the wonderful issues you brought us, you will be missed!

If anyone has the full layout from this article please let me know.

***All Images Domino Magazine

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I just heard from a reliable source that Conde Nast has cancelled Domino. Is this true, has anyone else heard this? I would seriously sink into a deep depression that even a new walk in closet and updated bathroom could not even pull me out of....

Oh no...

I think I am honestly going to cry, there is no other magazine I love more than DOMINO


Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...

I am slightly OBSESSED with the mirror above. It may be on the funky side, but I am DYING to put a pair of these in someone's house (not to mention mine of course). So while looking for mirrors the other day I was on Ballard just saying hello to my little love when I discovered a plethora of other mirrors that are drool worthy.
Both of these speak to my rustic, natural feel, aged (even if it is faux), side.
Kind of crazy but cool at the same time for all my animal lovers.

Like the flower effect...
Just because it is that soft blue that speaks to so many people....
I heart floor mirrors, such a big bang for your buck. Ballard has always had great ones...

I am really loving these last if I can just find someone with a big enough wall...

***All images from Ballard Designs

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Blue Haven

If you asked me what my favorite color is I would say GRAY without a second of thought. However, it seems that I am going through a BLUE phase (not that Gray has been forgotten, it will always be #1). This weekend I went to work on some projects I have been wanting to do. The first one was to paint the front door. I wanted something bright, off the wall, surprising and a color that would make me smile. I choose Brilliant Blue by Benjamin Moore but I had the color matched at Lowe's (and it didn't come out exactly, why isn't BM open on Sunday?) Anyhoo, I think the blah weather is putting tropical colors in my head...
So here is the finished product, well is anything ever finished? Granted, the house looks much better when the foliage is in bloom (or at least green) but I am just not sold yet. Maybe it is the red rocker which now needs to be painted. I will let you know what I figure out about what is bothering me.
Next onto the china cabinet. I had thought about doing stripes, but once I took down the other wallpaper on the back, I realized that the back has vertical grooves that would make it hard to paint horizontal stripes, easy to paint vertical stripes, but I wasn't sure I wanted vertical.....
So in the process of looking for wallpaper a lightbulb went off, WHAT ABOUT WRAPPING PAPER? Enter in 1 roll of $3.99 paper from Hallmark and presto, my new background came to life. I LOVE IT. Note: problem with wrapping paper, it dents and is slightly shiny which if you are a perfectionist will drive you crazy. Great for the short term, may want to rethink for the long run.
I also spray painted the sconces a different shade of blue which is looking like Brilliant Blue, but it is not, it is actually darker and I like it.
Usually I am not so matchy but all the blue is tying the rest of the house together too.
With the remainder of the front door paint I painted a little side piece of furniture in our kitchen which was in need of some color. Definitely brings some brightness to the kitchen.
So to round things off I changed the chair fabric on the back of my beloved chairs from green (pretty but too random in my house) to......Gray-shocker!!!! LOVE THEM.

So that was my weekend. Isn't it amazing what a little change can do for a whole room?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Help! Sugesstions please...

I am in desperate need of a camera, but on a relatively small budget so an SLR is out. Someone recommend the Cannon G10 to me, but I am open to any feedback. I am looking for a camera that will take really clear pictures, maybe sharp enough that I could photograph my work without hiring someone. (I know it will never be the same but I've got to start somewhere). Anyone have a camera in the under $500 range that they love and takes great pictures?

I really appreciate the help and input!!!!!

Mondays Are For...Sleeping

Usually to get me over the Monday blahs I like to indulge in daydreaming. However, yesterday I went a tear- painting, moving furniture, upholstering, so all I really want to do is go to sleep! (pictures of the projects coming tomorrow). So I thought who better to get some bed inspiration from than one of my favorite magazines, Domino!
How peaceful is the bedroom above? I can't even begin to name all the things I like in the picture below-the bed, the rug, the lamps.....
I have thought many times about using a screen as a headboard...
LOVE the wallpaper, I could jump into that bed right now, yawn....
And a special treat, some before and afters, who doesn't like some b&a?
If that nook below was in my house I would not be able to work at home, period, the end.
Anyone notice the rug? Coincidence, I think not.
The B & A below is my favorite, can you even believe it is the same room?
Okay, off to start the week. I hope y'all have a great week and I appreciate everyone who reads my blog, y'all make my day, even Monday!

***All Images Domino Magazine***

Friday, January 23, 2009

Where It All Began....

You know I LOVE West Elm, but you don't know the history of this love affair. Our story begins many years ago in a land far, far away.....Morocco. Well not really Morocco that is just wishful thinking. However, something Moroccan was involved, this relationship all started with a rug, the Moroccan Window Rug to be exact.I am BEGGING them to bring them back, please, please, please. Until that happens though I can be content with some of the others....
This zig zag rug may belong to me one day. I am dying to do a big graphic rug somewhere, especially after seeing La Dolce Vita yesterday.

I am still undecided about the rug on the left, opinions? I do like the one on the right though, although it is still no Moroccan....

West Elm's rug on the right reminds a little of this rug I saw at market that I adored.

And one for the nature lovers (like myself), this room is so happy.

Happy Friday, I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend.