Thursday, January 29, 2009

Goodbye Domino

In the words of one of my favorite peeps, Tom Petty, "Don't do me like that". This sentiment is of course directed towards the suits at Conde Nast. I know by now that everyone has heard the news. Today I just I want to have a pity party so please indulge me. I know that so many people are hurting right now (including the staff of the Domino) and that times are tough and I have NO reason to be feeling sorry for myself, but I am blue.
When Cottage Living shut down I was depressed. A magazine that I LOVED was gone. Now Domino, my all time favorite. Sure there are others, many that I love too, but I never saw myself more than in Domino (CL too). I love the homes in House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Elle Decor, etc. but my home may never get to the point that it looks like that, and if it does it will be YEARS from now.

Some things have a more direct impact on your career than others, this magazine was one of those things. I know this sounds dramatic but it is true. It shaped a lot of what I do and was an amazing release for my funky side. One of my long term goals was to make into Domino somehow.

I know all industries are hurting, and design/decorating is no different. Things are changing and it is a tough time to be in this field. The best thing for me lately was the discovery of the design blog world and all the people who are going through the same things as me. I am so grateful to have found y'all.

With that said, reading things on the internet, even the Domino website, is not the same as reading a magazine. For me, I would take a magazine any day. I don't understand why all these magazines are folding, (I know WHY, I just can't comprehend it), isn't there something we can do?

Any ideas on where I am going to go now to get my young, funky, fun, eclectic fix?
To find rooms with as much unique character as this....

(To try to pick my favorite images would be impossible and due to time constraints I wasn't able to really go through and pick out the best examples of the magazine, although this was one of my favorites)....
This image seen in my favorite article from Domino basically sums up my love for the magazine..
Thank you Domino staff for all the wonderful issues you brought us, you will be missed!

If anyone has the full layout from this article please let me know.

***All Images Domino Magazine


Paloma {La Dolce Vita} said...

Great post! I too, am so sad about Domino. You are so right about the lack of magazines with attainable interiors. I'm sure that most of the homes featured in Elle Decor and House Beautiful are worth millions, and like you, I won't be reaching that stage any time soon.

I also agree that there is nothing like reading the actual magazine. A lot of people are saying that more people are gravitating towards blogs and away from magazines, but I disagree. I think blogs are often inspired by what they see in magazines and then expand on certain topics, but I don't think any of us would ever intend to replace them.

It's a sad, sad day.

Sweet Nothings said...


I agree about Elle reminds me of Charlotte in Sex and the City's apt..gorgeous, but you don't want to sit of fuss it up.

I was always brining my Domino Mags to my parents house, showing my dad and going can we do do we make it work? :(

Receiving the March issue in the mail will be so bittersweet.

Pink Wallpaper said...

i totally agree w/ everything you have said...i think the entire "blogging community" is in mourning. i feel like someone took one of my bestfriends away...i could always count on it to be funky and fun and so beautiful is gresat but so not our generation...domino felt real.

Blueprint Bliss said...

so, so sad. maybe we should get together and drink wine and mourn.

Courtney said...

Your words are the same ones I've said since hearing of Domino's closing- while I enjoy other shelter magazines, Domino was the last one with design that felt attainable and real (Cottage Living interiors always felt more real to me too.) I have mourned the closure of many magazines over the years, but I can honestly say that this is the magazine I will miss the very most.