Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Just A "Quick" Change

We are in the middle of the pre-holiday season scramble, every year this time is crazy in the design world.  So, it would only be fitting that now would also be when I decided we needed to paint the office trim because I could not take the terrible mustard color ONE MORE DAY.
Wow, now that I look closer this is a really bad picture, I can't believe I am posting this but it is what it is.  The office is really looking much better in general so after the trim is painted I will post some better pictures to redeem myself.


LindsB said...

yes, post more pics- I want to see more of your pretty office!

Marianne said...

Loving the new trim color options! The dark one is beautiful!

carolyn bradford said...

There is no better time than today to do what it is you set out to do! Wow! Sounds like a Chinese Proverb! But you know what I mean! Why put off till tomorrow what you can get done today! That's what I keep telling the girls at my shop! And I'm mainly saying it to myself! The office looks wonderful, Marianne!