Monday, November 12, 2012

Opinions Please, Do You Have This Table?

A client is thinking about using this table in her playroom.  I have used it before but on hard surfaces.  This time it will go on carpet.  Does anyone have one that could give us some insight regarding the stability of the table on carpet....with younger aged children.


Jessica @ Lavender and Lilies said...

I love that table but I would have the same concern on carpet particularly with children. I think you might be okay dependent on the type of carpet. A harder surface like a tight sisal might be fine but I'd be concerned about anything thick.

ashleigh: said...

Go for the CB2 table - it's the same price and the base is metal rather than Ikea's plastic. I have the CB2 table on carpet and have had no tipping problems.

andrea said...

I have it in my office as a work table on thicker carpet. It has a dropcloth on it (for painting). I haven't had an issue with stablility, though my kids are a bit older (7 and 11). They can still be rambunctious around it, chasing the dog and such, but I've never felt that it would tip over.
I would only be concerned if small kids were into climbing without a parent around. (but then I'd worry about ALL furniture!)Even then I think it might take a lot to take it down.

Hope this helps!

Liz Wade said...

We have it on carpet and it is very wobbly! Also it scratches very easily - it is just my husband and I and we've put some serious scratches in it. Hope is helps!