Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Easy To Miss

I came across this image the other day and saved it because I was initially drawn to the canopy and book wallpaper. Then I noticed the light which I loved but seemed off to me. So, I read the caption (something I don't do enough) and realized this is actually a guest bedroom with 2 beds.
You can see the other bed in the left corner. If I had not noticed the light I would have never known what I was missing in the rest of the room. I would love to see this room from another view. I believe it was from Architectural Digest but I am not 100% sure.


Hamptontoes said...

This room is so my style. I love the use of rich green on the walls too. I'm now itching to see the other half of this space. Hmmm.

Hill Country House Girl said...

I could be totally making this up ( I do that sometimes!) but I think this was a bedroom in the home of fashion designer, Bill Blass. I remember liking this room too! Isn't it a lovely thought to have two beds made up so beautifully with such a pretty light fixture as well?

Cara said...


Andrea said...

That book wallpaper takes me back in time to the early days of my design career...forgot how much I liked it! Think my client still has it!

Great room, thanks for sharing.

24 Corners said...

That is a very fun room...love the book wall paper..I'd stay there in a heartbeat!
xo J~