Monday, January 28, 2013

Bathroom Re-Do Part 1

Our hall bathroom, which actually serves as our main bathroom, has undergone several changes over the years.   Here it is before we moved in.  In these pictures it does not look too bad, but trust me, it was.
The walls were covered in some sort of texturing technique gone wrong.  The vanity was old with a scary interior and a heinous top. The tile was old, cracked across the floor and in need of serious TLC inside the shower.  The lighting was, well you can see that for yourself.
When we moved in our budget was tiny but we were able to scrape the walls, change the vanity and lighting and paint the tile- a temporary fix.  So this is basically what it has looked like for a few years.
This fall we finally got around to making some more permanent changes and the tile was ripped out and replaced along with new hardware in the shower.  
Our new bathroom pictures coming tomorrow!


A Perfect Gray said...

looking forward to more!

Lauren Led said...

What was the gray color on your old bathroom wall?