Thursday, October 25, 2012

St. V's Nursery Details Part 1

Alright, let's get back to the St. Vincent's Nursery.  Some detail shots and information for y'all.  
The first time I met the winners they told me their son was going to be named Boston in part because of  Dad's love for the Red Sox.  When I saw this mobile I knew it was meant to be.
Above, custom color stool from Stray Dog Designs, available through Marianne Strong Interiors.  Below,  just one of the amazing frames from Scripture with Pictures, thank you Paula!
I have received lots LOTS of inquiries about these letters.  They were my starting point in this space and I LOVE them just as much as y'all do.  They are from Frontera in Birmingham, I also saw some similar at Scotts in Atlanta.  
This light is a trade item and available through Marianne Strong Interiors.  I included this shot though because you can see the inside detail.  I knew I wanted an iron/industrial look to the light but when it went up it needed something else.  All brown iron was too much, too dark and imposing.  So, I painted the inside a metallic silver to match the stars in the wallpaper and it ended up being just what the light needed.  I swear it is the smallest details that matter.
A HUGE thank you to the vendors who helped make this room possible.  The design of the room did not start until after the winner was chosen.  I felt it was important to really design the space for the specific family so I did not try to start a design before I knew who it was.  That left less than 3 weeks to pull everything together and that meant a lot of express orders/shipping/overall general break-neck hustling.  I could not have done it without wonderful companies.  More to come tomorrow.


Jenna at Homeslice said...

I love the stars on the ceiling, beautiful!

website design said...

this is beautiful..

furniture restoration toronto said...

love this,designs are relaxing..

Hooper Patterson and Ann White Schutte said...

I just love it!!! So many great details!

Sew Lambitious said...

The drapery fabric... who makes this? I would love to find it wholesale. Great job on the room.

Sew Lambitious said...

The drapery fabric is beautiful. Who makes it? I would love to buy some wholesale. Nice job on the room!