Sunday, June 10, 2012

Quiet Time- Henry's Baptism

Whosoever shall receive one such little child in My name receives Me. Matthew 18:5

Today was Henry's Baptism, what a special day.  I will spend every day of the rest of my life thanking God for blessing us as Henry's parents.


Splendid Sass said...

I am so happy to see this image! Perfect. I guess you already know that Henry is adorable.
Happy Sunday.

Sherri Cassara said...

You make a beautiful family - what a special day for you - I still remember the day like it was yesterday (and not the 22 and 28 years ago) that my sweet girls were baptized. God bless you all!

A Perfect Gray said...

marianne, he is so beautiful and I know exactly how you feel! love to you all, donna

Beth said...

What a special day and a beautiful family. Where did you find that cute dress?

carolina postcard said...

That is such a special day. All the love surrounding that baby and how blessed they are. Henry is precious and I'm so glad it was a great day for yall!

glorystory said...

May the good Lord pour out Blessings over the life of Henry and his parents.