Thursday, July 28, 2011

Love The One You're With- Zuniga Interiors

It is hard to remember a blogging time when I wasn't reading Michelle's blog...
I continually go to it for inspiration- for serious visual inspiration, she always has something a little different. As you can tell from this post she has some seriously great taste!

Marianne's blog is one of the first blogs I fell in love with- she is so genuine, talented and such a beautiful person! Marianne- thank you for asking me to be a part of your series "Love the One You're With" This is one of my favorite rooms- my studio, {the other side houses shelves and cabinets for fabric baskets, catalogs, files, etc.} maybe some of you have seen it photographed before, but it's a studio with all of the things that I love- Colour, Moroccan and Indian details and that vintage chandelier, just a special space to relax in whether I am working or having fun! The key to making a space your own is all about your favorite pieces that become your special space!
Thanks again Marianne!

Now that is a studio, looks great Michelle!!!!


Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Michelle's blog is new to me, it looks like she has a very unique style and embraces the notion of surrounding oneself with things that have personal meaning. Can't wait to check out her blog.

Nane said...

Ameeeeeeeeeeeeei os post desse blog fofo,parabéns!beijo da bahiana,no Brasil!

Luciane at said...

I haven't met Michelle yet and I'll take a look at her blog.

Wishing you a great day!


Luciane at

offset printing said...

Oh this is great. I think you shared a wonderful blog too. And the photos look so Victorian in style with the roses on the tray and detailed chandelier.

Zuniga Interiors Design Studio said...


Thank you for letting me participate in your blog series! I love your blog!