Friday, May 13, 2011

Online Journal

I am off to celebrate with some of my closest friends the future arrival of Baby Strong and his girlfriends (a joint beach baby shower with one of my bffs having twin girls!) I can't wait to see them and share this special time with people I love so much. Speaking of babies and friends several people sent this to me. I saw it the other night on TV and definitely think it is worth sharing.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Kelle Dame said...

How sweet! I could have just cried! What a brilliant idea! Hope you have the best time!!

JMW said...

Okay, this made me tear up! My eldest just turned six and lost her third tooth yesterday! So, I'm righ there with Mr. Lee. Have fun at your shower and spending time with your friends!

Day Old News said...

Baaaah, this made me cry, how sweet is that?? Have such an amazing time at your baby shower!

Sherri Cassara said...

The video is darling! I hope you have a wonderful shower! How exciting ;)

Future Mama said...

Oh my word, I am tearing up!! Love it!!!

Much love,
Future Mama

lizziefitz said...

You just made me cry with that video. So incredibly sweet!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

I saw this, makes me cry!

3 Peanuts said... Mom was telling me about this commercial he other day. Honestly that is exactly what my blog is for my own kids...I just never though so many more people would ever read it:)

Hope you enjoyed the baby shower and time with your friends:)


Hello Lover... said...

I posted this on my blog as well - it's absolutely beautiful! It literally brings tears to my eyes - I don't yet have children but this is something I truly hope I can pull off once I do. I can't imagine having a gift like this from my parents!