Tuesday, April 28, 2009

White Made Entertaining

I love all white homes. My house one day will be mostly white, don't ask me why, I think it is because I look at color all day that I want the opposite. This house featured in House Beautiful grabbed me like most of their homes do and I was eager to read about it. When I read magazines I hardly ever actually read the articles, it is more of studying pictures. However, I find that House Beautiful has great interviews and I always enjoy stories about the owners and flipping back to see something I had missed that was referenced in the interview.

For instance, the owner of this house wanted a simple bedroom that felt more like a sleeping lodge so he made this small downstairs room his and reserved the whole second floor for guests.
This is what I call brilliant. A sitting area directly next to a kitchen. People congregate in the kitchen, it is a fact. If your room is set up like this, then people can converse near the kitchen while sitting comfortably.What do we think about the big mirror in the kitchen?
Love this piece over the mantel, such big personality in the simplest of things.Well I got off track because the point of the post was how great HB articles are and then I got distracted by the pictures. To read the full interview with designer Myra Hoefer visit HERE.


southern daze said...

I love that sitting area near the kitchen. Even if there was nobody around to visit with I can totally see myself curled up in there with a book and a cup of tea - gorgeous!

Wanderings of a Wannabe said...

LOVE the big mirror in the kitchen. One of my favorite kitchen images of all time! I am on the same page with all white. It is just so crisp and inviting...one day!

Blueprint Bliss said...

I've been enjoying House Beautiful lately... glad to have one that I look forward to!

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

I loooved the pics from that article as well. I was immediately drawn to that kitchen, with its fabulous mix of glossy white and marble, combined with the rustic leather club chairs and "tree stump" table. I too, thought the mirror was a great element, and I included that pic in a post I did on samovars - they're turning up in shelter-mag kitchens a lot these days.
Thanks for the memories of that HB issue!

Down Comforter said...

Some really great photos - I love the white look, too :)