Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Power is Back On-Let's Look At A Light

I was looking at this light for a clients bathroom, when I came across this picture which reminded me how much I love double fixtures over tables. I wanted to share more double lights with you but since my power did not come on until just recently, I am behind today. So, I thought I would leave you with some tables that I have always loved. The metal top on this wood farm table makes my heart skip a beat. (Please ignore HORRIBLE scans)I have always loved this picture.
Light fixture above Ballard Designs.
Outdoor Dining Elle Decor
Last picture I am pretty sure is from House Beautiful, but if I am wrong please let me know!
Sorry again about the quality of scans, I promise a much better post tomorrow.

Thank you so much for all your kind wishes yesterday. You all made my day much better!


Lindsey said...

I do love that light fixture. I am always happy to see your posts, one b/c we have similar taste and two b/c I have saved some of the very rooms you have posted!!! One day you will be working on my house!

Blair said...

Oh, love that first light fixture. And that outdoor dining area is so beautiful--such a great table!

Glad the power is back on:)

Sweet Nothings said...

ohhh, i like!

my power went out the other night too..the lovely electric company turned mine off insread of my neighbors who didnt pay

Maria Killam said...

Interesting, I have never really thought about double light fixtures over dining room tables. . . I love it when I get educated!

LindsB said...

Yeah for power!

I love the light fixture in the first photo, and having two of them is just twice the love- so pretty.

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Oh, that last picture is one of my faves, too! {Sigh}