Friday, March 13, 2009

Artist To Watch: Myles Bennett

I enjoy finding new artists I love, especially when I know the person. Last year I was in Nashville and went with my family to see a art show featuring the work of Myles Bennett, a friend of my brothers. I was just along for the ride, but I was blown away by what I saw. His work is amazing and unique, different from what you normally come across. Just like my love Hyche, his work is not done justice by pictures. The texture and detail is fascinating.While I will let the work speak for itself, I thought it would be fun to ask Myles a few questions too.
H&H: Where does your inspiration come from?
My inspiration...I think it comes from a variety of sources, but overall, my projects and ideas that I worked through in architecture school at RISD is a major source. My focus there was construction methods, materiality, process, tactility, and once i started painting I really just carried over those ideas or points of focus. As you can see in the paintings, I try to explore that which the body is capable of ... or how to utilize the gesture and marks the body wants to make.
H&H: Have you always wanted to be an artist?
I have always wanted to be an artist, in which ever field I chose, whether that was painting, architecture, or ... floral design, i don't know, anything can be made creatively.
H&H: What is your favorite type of art to make?
My favorite art...not sure how to answer that, perhaps my favorite moment when making art works better. I love when events happen that are unexpected, a chance gesture, things drip, smear, rub, scrape away and all of sudden after weeks of exploring the piece comes together and you know all the sequential steps to make it work. Like playing chess and after all that sweating, at a certain moment you know you got it and the whole game just falls in to place. It's very exciting.
H&H: What are your long term goals?
Long term goal, I do miss architecture and my plan is to keep scaling the work up until it reaches the building scale. Paintings to Installation to Space. That's the goal, I love exploring new materials and what they are capable of evoking, so the idea of taking construction materials could have such potential.
I hope you have enjoyed this look into Myles' work. He is definitely an artist I would like to have in my house "one day", I should have saved this for a Monday Day Dream post.

While he currently resides in N.Y.C. (which I know several of you are up there, you should look him up), his work can be seen in Nashville at the Bennett Gallery.

One another exciting note, Myles just started a blog so you can get further insight into Myles work HERE.

If you have a chance you really must see these in person, you will be in love too. For more information, specific details on pieces or questions please e-mail me or contact Myles @

**Images from Myles Bennett & Bennett Gallery


Blueprint Bliss said...

Great post. And so fun that you know him through your brother! said...

really neat stuff! thanks for sharing!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Wow just beautiful. What attention to detail. You are lucky lady for getting to see it in person!

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First time here. I loved your post at Colour Me Happy! About being a designer and marriage counselor. So is DESIGN therapy we do!

And, you are an is the art of living....3-D interactive art you create as a designer. Stop by my place for a glass of lemonade--or a lemontini:):) to see you! It is The Katillac Shack.

Thanks for your blog.

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oh I could go on and on for miles about Myles.

chitchatchic said...

featuring his art in Nashville. Come and check it out!
Art reception April 24, 2009 from 6-9:00 PM. Nashville TN - Bennett Galleries