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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Heart Becki Newton

Whew, busy week, I am behind on my blog reading and having to keep the posts short and sweet! However, even though this post is small, my love for Becki Newton is not. I don't know if it because I love her character on Ugly Betty or because every time see a picture of her she looks great, but I definitely have her on my radar.
I was thrilled to see her on the cover of Lucky this month and then I was even more excited to see a picture of her dressing room on set.Here is her quote regarding the room:

"My dressing room on set is my favorite space. I can't indulge in girly decor at home with my husband, so I let it run wild here."

I think I need a girly dressing room now that I think about it....
For more of Becki's favorites including some great shoes and beauty products visit Lucky Magazine or pick up this month's issue. Sorry I have been MIA on blog reading, hope to be back soon!