Thursday, May 29, 2014

Moving On Up…But Not Today

With my due date 3 weeks from today the mad, mad frenzied race to the finish has been in full force lately.  If there was a visual image for what this looks like, it would be the current state of my office.  I tried to get a picture but I cannot accurately capture the disaster we are surrounded by on all four sides.  

Normally the desire to clean and organize would be so great that I would have to stop immediately and fix the office before working any more.  However, with so little time left this has not been an option so I have to quell my desire to clean and work on keeping my sanity.

There is something though that is greatly helping me stay on track.  I/we are not coming back until September but during the month of August I am moving into a bigger office space in the same building.  I am SO excited.  The thought of having a month to slowly move and edit and organize while moving into a space I have wanted for so long puts me at peace.  

Normally the thought of locking these doors for three months (well my assistant and probably our Intern will be in and out) leaving a complete disaster behind would send me into orbit, but the promise of something bigger and time to get settled before returning from maternity leave keeps me grounded.  The new office will be nothing compared to these pictures of Suzanne Kasler's office but these images are going to be part of the inspiration for it...

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Leslie said...

That's so exciting that you all are moving to a new office. Enjoy this time with your family before the baby comes!