Monday, March 10, 2014

Same Chair, Different Redo

 I mentioned in last Monday's post that we have the same chairs in our office that were given a quick makeover as well.  I don't have any great pictures to share but these will at least give you an idea of the before and after.
We started with the same basic brown faux bamboo style chair with a maroon cushion.  At that time I was really wanting some pink in the office since I probably won't use it at home and this was the perfect chance.  So first came the seat cushions.
Next up was what color to paint it and I chose a silver, because again, at that time I just wanted something funky that I probably would not do elsewhere.  In addition to the paint I added castors to both to give us height while working at the desks.
This is the chair today, I still like it although that paint needs some major touching up.  I will probably change the color to a deep navy this time.  I am also thinking about going to a "real" office chair for comfort and back support so that might change things.  For now though, they work well.

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