Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Project- Come Sail Away

After spending a few days stuck in the house due to the snow I started to get to the itch to change things  around.  I have been collecting ship art for about 7 years now but only had three up in our living room, the rest where waiting for a home.  I assumed this would be a gallery wall in Henry's next room but I decided it was time to pull a couple more out now instead of waiting.  So I added two more to the wall for now and the rest will just have to wait a little longer….
This is the newest purchase and I am so happy I bought it, the texture and the colors are gorgeous.
It has been really enjoyable searching for different pieces over the years, it makes every antique shopping excursion a little more fun.  I look forward to using the rest/more pieces in the near future.


Emma said...

Such a great gallery! I love how there are so many beautiful bright colors--the distressed style of the frame on the newest addition is neat too. Your couch looks very comfortable and I also like the lamps!

This shows that sometimes, being snowed in creates great things.

paula said...

Well, I may need to see this in person!