Monday, August 26, 2013

Let's Talk About This Sink

A sink made out of wood.  Love, love, love.  Would like to know how it is holding up*...because I want one. Stat.
 Should we also talk about the concrete counter top and wood wall?  Beautiful.
Image found via This Old House Magazine

*The wood is not exposed.  I don't have the article on me anymore but I do remember they sealed it several times with something strong.  


Anonymous said...

FYI,you cannot sanitize wood,ewe.

Ms. Bright said...

Marine varnish, maybe? Great concept and look!

Jessica Christian said...

Quite classy and exotic it is.. If I had a sink like this, i would probably just not use it and keep staring at it ;)

Woody and classy it is.. But what is the mechanism for its operation? How does it actually work? Where does the water come out from? *Curious curious*

jessica x