Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sale Week: Day 2

Next up on sale is a brand new Jane Wilner, King Ivory Coco Matelasse with pink stitching.  Once again, it was a size issue so it has only been out the packaging for these pictures.  Jane Wilner is known for the exceptional high end bedding in amazing fabrics and colors.
The pink embroidery forms a scalloped edge along with a clean 3 line top design.

Of course with pink a girl's bedroom comes to mind but it could be beautiful in a master or guest as well as just a touch of soft color...
The details:
Retails for $399, price for this one only: $250, 80% cotton/20% Poly, King with 19"Drop on sides -great for a king bed but couls also be used on a queen for those who like longer coverlets.  Prices does not include freight.  E-mail me @ mstronginteriors@aol.com.

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Molly Witherington said...

shoot! if you had a set of 2 for twin beds i would be ALL OVER this.