Monday, December 3, 2012

December Inspiration

 Now that it is December I am ready for a little holiday inspiration....
Simple and Simple- both perfection.
 I know I posted this image last year but it is still one of my favorite images.
 I had to include this, it makes me smile for so many reasons.
 After Fridays post you have me thinking maybe I need a Pop Phone.  All this phone talk at Christmas brings me back to one of my most treasured gifts from childhood...
Fact- this phone is still at the top of my closet.  While I am far from a hoarder, I just can't part ways with this blast from the past.  Any favorite gifts from the past you just can't let go of?

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Sarah's Fab Day said...

I loved that phone! So much that when I accidentally broke one I had to have another one. Then since it was clear I hacked it and put dancing bear Grateful Dead stickers inside. I thought it was so cool, hahaha! Oh to be young!