Friday, November 9, 2012

Great Gifts For A Good Cause

 One of my favorite things in Henry's nursery is this cross on the Big Board.  
It was made by my dear friend Bullen Timo, you may remember him from here or here.   With just two semesters left he continues to work so, so, so hard to raise the funds to complete his education.  He personally hand made that cross and many more.  They are available for purchase and I think they would make excellent gifts- for yourself or others.
 These are just some I love, but there are many more and you can also request custom designs.
 Hung on a wall, layered in a bookshelf, on top of a coffee table- you name it, they would work.  
If you are interested in purchasing one you can go to Bullen's Etsy Shop- imParting Hope.  Definitely an amazing purchase for an amazing cause!

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JMW said...

What beautiful crosses and so unique! I may have to get one, two or three!