Monday, August 20, 2012

Life Imitating Art...and A DIY

My phone has apparently decided for a second time in 2012 that it no longer wanted to live.  The first time it plunged to its death in water, let's say at sea, sounds better.  So a refurbished one was sent my way and it has never been a happy camper.  So this ones death might come by way of its frustrated owner.  Anyhoo, allll that to say this time I think I am hopping on the iPhone train.  And I have already been eyeing this case (among many)...
Which is probably why when this oh-so-cute DIY for a painted bulletin board came across my radar I immediately filed it away for the future.

I might give this one a try... especially at the office... especially with a metallic gold paint.


Laurel-Dawn McBurney said...

I have an iPhone and just adore it, I have a skanky rubbery cover to keep it safe from my life, but would LOVE a pretty little cover like the one you found!!!

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Great idea! Now you know you have to cover your phone and keep it safe. Pretty one cover from you.