Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Do You Think I Need...

 Do you think I need a red sofa in my kitchen?  You might say no...until this picture which if you are like me has me thinking YES! 
 Now I just have to get a kitchen with enough room for anything a sofa.


Casa Très Chic said...

I guess "we" need a red sofa in our kitchens.
Love the sofa specially with those tiles on the floor.
Have a nice Tuesday.

the designers muse said...

Gorgeous kitchen! Absolutely yes to the red sofa!!

Anonymous said...

I am a Canadian and we are very proud of Tommy Smythe's designs! Happy that you have featured some of his work on your blog. NB in Ontario

glorystory said...

I'm digging that armoire treatment! I think I might paint mine black with a light colored or wallpapered interior.

the floor, coach light cabinet color and sofa are pretty nice too!