Thursday, July 21, 2011

Love The One You're With- Blue Hydrangea

*Update- Not sure what is going on with the images but hopefully I have it corrected now!

Yeah! Two guest posts in one week, I love it! Today I am so happy to have Sissy fromI have been reading Blue Hydrangea for so long, every time I visit the blog I forget I don't actually know Sissy, she feels just like an old friend....

I was so excited when Marianne asked me to be part of her "Love the One You’re With" series. It is such a great idea since I seem to complain more about the things I don't like about my house rather than appreciate the things I do like. And recently I updated my desk area....
And it's my new favorite spot in the house.
It has some of my favorite things including this fab bowl that was a gift from a friend.
And the world's greatest mirror courtesy of Julie from Milk and Honey Home.
(I should have unplugged all those dang wires!!)
You want to know one reason I love it so much? The chair was a hand-me-down, the desk was
from Craigslist and the giant yellow lamp that I kiss every morning came from my favorite thrift store. The only down side? Now I want to paint the walls to make my mirror stand out more. I just need to remember "Love the One You’re With" and for now I am "with" those neutral walls.

Thanks for having me, Marianne!!
XO Sissy (Blue Hydrangea)

Thank you Sissy! I am DYING over that yellow lamp...must have. Oh and that mirror, I have wanted it forever. What a great desk area!


Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

So pretty! What if you just painted the wall turquoise between the windows? That would really make the mirror pop.

bluehydrangea said...

Hey Marianne,
thanks for having me over today!! And sorry I couldn't get a good photo without myself in the mirror. Maybe I should invest in a few photography lessons!! Hope you're having a great day!

kcinteriors said...

Ooh - I love that you had Sissy on today; I get a kick out of reading her blog and she always provides inspiration. Love the yellow lamp and mirror.

Elizabeth said...

i have this same mirror from Ballards! love it. It looks great above your desk area.

Barbara@HausDesign said...

I love that bowl! So fun that all of the stuff is "recycled" or gifts...totally unique that way. :)

A Perfect Gray said...

awesome, sissy.

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Splendid Willow said...

Just met Sissy today for the first time and now she brought me to you Marianne (I have not been visting for a long time. I am glad to be back!).

What a happy and chic work area, Sissy! The over-sized mirror and lamp are fabulous!

Happy weekend to you both,


paula said...

It's absolutely beautiful!

Erin said...

Great desk and yellow lamp. I also love the wires because it shows that while we strive for aesthetic perfection, the reality is we Live in our spaces. The wires just make it more real. I think the whole room looks fantastic!