Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Friday

It is hard to know what is really drawing me to this picture:
A. The White Dress- that I am dying for
B. The Shoes- which I am dying for
C. The Hamburger- that I am dying for
Let's be honest, it is mostly likely C at the moment.

Image from ?, it was a recent ad but I am drawing a blank for what company


rachel @ Just a Touch of Gray said...

Haha! I love her dress! Hope you have a great weekend!

ps- I posted our living room makeover today! I'd love for you to come by and take a look! It was a very drab before...!

LLH Designs said...

Too funny! Happy Friday to you, too!


Stephanie Sabbe said...

you know you want to wear those fishnets:)

Andrea said...

LOL! I had so much fun dressing the bump! And I had my share of hamburgers too ;)

Enjoy, it goes by so fast!