Thursday, April 28, 2011

Love The One You're With- Kirsten Krason

A while back I started a guest blogger series called Love The One You're With based on what fellow bloggers love about their own space. The idea behind the series is to take a moment to focus on what we like instead of what we would change in our own homes (which if you are like me is a long and continual list). I also love to take a peek into other homes and see what is going on!

So today I am starting the series again with Kirsten Krason from 6th Street Design School. I am sure you are familiar with her blog but if not be sure to check out her Etsy roundups (although I warn you that you will always leave wanting something you didn't know you needed!

The place I love most in my life is my office. It is such a special gift to be able to have a room all to myself. I love love love walking in here when my son is napping, shutting the door, lighting a candle, turning on my pandora and working on projects. This room signifies my dream of starting my own business. Sometimes I'll just take a moment to look around this room and realize how lucky I am. I love this room because it has my two favorite colors in it. Blue and pink! I like designing spaces for myself that have pink, are slightly girly and very care-free. I love happy colors and fabrics and lots of white. It's wonderful to have my Ikea shelf where everything has a place. I also love having my desk in front of my window so I can look outside and enjoy our wonderful view of the mountains. Thanks so much to Marianne for letting me participate in sharing the room I love!

Oh I love that office! Thank you Kirsten for your post, I love what you wrote about the office signifying a dream come true!

Photography: Jessica Kettle Photography


A Perfect Gray said...

love kirsten's desk in from of the window. but I sure would daydream by looking out! and the ghost chair is perfect as a desk chair.

as we look at blogs and magazines and wish for more and different - this is a great series for appreciating what we HAVE!


Flick, said...

What a gorgeous space.. I would love a room to myself, to get all creative in! Who wouldn't? The colours are so pretty, and the window with a view would be very inspiring :)
Flick xo

Melissa @ Veranda Interiors said...

Love her first paragraph, the fact that she truly appreciates the space is what makes it that much more! xo

a' la mode said...

I am loving the space..of course! It's gorg! Its funny how even the little things like the hot pink pencils can make you happy- I am drawn to them, lol. Thank you for sharing =) xoxo Shelli

Simple Dwellings said...

What a great series and title! I love Kirsten's office- how wonderful it is to love your career!

interior decorator mississauga said...

The colours are so pretty, and the window with a view would be very inspiring! Post is attention-grabbing. I feel affection for it.