Thursday, January 14, 2010

Saladino Takes On Art

This month in Veranda a show house by John Saladino is featured. The inspiration for this house was the movie Girl With A Pearl Earring based on the famous painting by Johannes Vermeer. I have loved Saladino for a while now, ever since I found his furniture line. My Mother-In-Law also gave me a copy of his book which she discovered while looking on Velvet & Linen, I was thrilled and I can't wait to study it more in depth. Until then I will be studying these images... The stairs are from Exquisite Surfaces, a company I book mark evey time I see one of their ads...
The chairs, the lamps and that amazing tapestry make this room a dream.

All image and complete story Veranda.


Jennifer said...

ooooooh pretty. love the mix of sleek and rustic in the kitchen!

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Is that a saying just drawn on a wall and outlined? It is perfect.

Greet said...

Beautiful house of Saladino! A few weeks ago I did a post about that house of Saladino and I posted the video where John Saladini talks about the house!


Nishant said...

! i love the place! on my way to see where is that hotel!

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nestegg said...

I have a huge crush on Saladino. I'm currently reading Villa. I repeat: READING (not just flipping through and looking through pictures)... it's a first for me. And I'm learning so much!! I wouldn't be surprised if you are currently doing the same thing. xo Twinkie