Friday, September 4, 2009

Summer Memories

One of my favorite blogs, A PLACE TO DWELL, tagged me on my favorite summer memories. Here goes:

Favorite Summer Movie
– STAND BY ME (see here for more) and JAWS

Favorite Summer Cocktail – Mojito, Margaritas or Any Frozen Concoction.

Favorite Summer Song – Anything by my man Jimmy (Buffett that is) *** Little known trivia about me, when I was 16 I totaled my car in one of Jimmy's band member's yards. His name is Mac McAnally and he is more than just a band member, check him out HERE. Not only did I completely destroy my car but I also took out Mac's recycling bin, mailbox and tree. If by some CRAZY way Mac is reading this, I am still to this day so grateful for your kindness!

Favorite Summer Outfit – Sundress and Flip FlopsFavorite Summer Reading – Magazines- especially Us Weekly (I know, I know- it's summer though, my brain needs a rest)

Favorite Summer Moment – Well there have been so many that it is hard to pick one. I would have to say the first would be my wedding/honeymoon.

Sorry about the grainy picture, I don't have a good one on this computer. Can you believe this is the only picture we have of the two of us together on our honeymoon? I am usually camera happy but I guess I just needed to hang out for a while.

Another wonderful summer memory is going to Africa with my Dad (truely a dream come true)

I love this picture. My Dad always wanted to go to the Cape of Good Hope (there it is in the background) and I am so thankful to have been there in that moment.

***Another little known fact about Moi- my Dad is from Chile, it shocks most people since I have light hair and light eyes (well these days I have a little help keeping the hair light).

However, when it comes to the summer, any day outside- especially on the beach makes a wonderful memory to me.

*If you haven't checked out A Place To Dwell, you must stop by. You will feel like you have known her for ages!

PS- Thanks for the comments about my new header. It is just temporary until I get a graphic designer (who I can afford) to help me with a new logo for my business (and blog) to help integrate my business website, blog, letterhead, business cards, etc.


DesBisoux said...

nice post that makes summer last just a little longer.
alos,you are absolutly stunning on that wedding picture!!(love the bouquet)xxx

paula said...

great post! You make one stunning bride. Oh, and my dad is Colombian:)

JMW said...

Marianne, you are so sweet! Thanks for the nice comments. And, great post! Your wedding pic is gorgeous and the trip to Africa looks like a beautiful dream. Hubby & I hope to go there one day. "Stand by Me" - great summer movie. Happy Labor Day!

stephanie said...

check out for graphic design-

Lauren said...

You are such a beautiful bride! And Africa? I love the pix with the elephants behind you. Yes, that definitely would be a dream come true! Wow!

LindsB said...

your wedding picture is so pretty- you look beautiful!

I cant believe that summer is over here- so sad :(

Anonymous said...

Happy Summer to you, too! I've been out of town for a week, and am now catching up on my blog reading! Lovely pictures of your wedding and honeymoon. I love the pic of you and your Dad in Africa--looks so fun! My boyfriend and his mom are Chilean, too! What a lovely, warm culture! happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! You're such a pretty bride! And I think it's so funny you picked Jaws. Love it. xoRH

Yansy said...

I love this post. You looked beautiful on your weeding day and I just love the pic of you and your dad in Africa. I love traveling with my dad as well.

Kristin said...

You were a STUNNING bride! Have you ever had a frozen mojito? So delish!

Blueprint Bliss said...

Love this post about you.

Greet said...

What a stunning couple you are!
Beautiful pictures and a very nice post!

Have a nice weekend,


Kara said...

Aww, Marianne, this post brought tears to my eyes. You are so blessed to have had that trip with your Dad. I miss you and my blog-cation hasn't even been a week. I had to come visit you. :)
I wish the economy was better - I kept telling Brooke we should all plan a girls trip! One day!!
Hugs beautiful!

Under a Green Roof said...

beautiful wedding picture - and we also have basically zero pictures from our honeymoon. so jealous of your trip to Africa!

Furniture removals Melbourne said...

You have a beautiful summer memories. Cherish it. Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories.

jobs in nz said...

I’m going to miss summer! Hope you all had a fun summer like I did. Have a great day.

Amy said...

you and your dad are too cute!

Fernando said...

Marianne, this is a beautiful blog, I am so proud of you, many people would said I am bias, but, I have the right to be so.In any event, it is beautiful, bias or not. Love you. Dad