Sunday, August 2, 2009

Quiet Time- Every Day Glory

If I focus on the plan of my life, I will ride a rollercoaster of ups & downs as the circumstances change. If however I focus on the purpose of my life then I have an anchor & I'll be grounded, able to ride thru the storms. so what is my purpose? It is to glorify God - and that can be done in ALL circumstances - Anita Bucher.

This was sent to me this week from a very dear friend and the timing could not have been more perfect. When planning my future plans I do ask God for guidance, but this made me realize that I had not been asking him what is my purpose.

While we all have different purposes, we are on this earth to do one thing, glorify God. This is rarely on the top of my list, every day life quickly takes over, which I am working on. Sometimes that can be overwhelming, wondering what is your purpose on this earth.

However, in the mean time it is easy to glorify God in small ways. This weekend I was blown away by the kindness of strangers- the VERY pregnant girl who got up from her chair at the salon to open the door for my Grandmother, the man in heavy traffic who stopped to let us out when nobody else would, the amazing workers at her assisted living home who have the hardest job I think and still are there every day with a smile and kind word.

Little acts of kindness, a little showing of love for strangers, these things glorify God every day. While we wait to discover God's plan for us, the first step I think is acting in a way to shows others God's love is in your heart.


The Southern Lady said...

Beautifully and simply put. Thank you. You've definitely given me more to consider today.

Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

You are so incredibly spot on. This strikes close to home; you see recently I have been forgetting to look @ the good. My son (23) pointed out to me yesterday that I let the craziest of things people do get to me. I am a sensitive person & get overwhelmed by the rudeness & self-importance of people.Just driving here in Houston drives me over the edge. Your wise words reminds me to look for the positive & the good, & to focus on that. I have always lived my life to be thoughtful, kind and polite. To treat all with respect. I just don't understand those that don't. Thank you for that today. Such a lovely photo too!

Ms. B said...

Thank you so much for posting this and reminding us that there are still people out there who have a kind heart. I've lost a lot of faith in humanity overall in the last few years, it seems that there are so many people who only think of themselves. It's good to read stories to show us that goodness still exists.



Gracie said...

This made me feel so happy. This is exactly how I've been feeling and it just fills me up with joy. Thank you for reminding me to always rely on God.

The Bloom Girls said...

Amen sister!

DesBisoux said...

Beautiful quote! I'm off sending it to my best friend.

Susie (So Blessed) said...

Great post...really enjoyed this.

Blueprint Bliss said...

Great quote by Anita Bucher. Love that. And love this post. Def something I need to keep in mind right now as I search out what God is calling me to do... what is my purpose?!?!