Sunday, June 21, 2009

Quiet Time- Remember Whose You Are

My very, very dear friend Kara sent this to me one time when I needed to hear it:

Remember WHOSE you are. You are God's child

Remember WHAT God has promised you - the priceless gift of eternal life

Remember WHO will see you through -God will protect you until you reach your final destination: heaven.

Remember WHY God lets you go through trials - God wants to test the genuineness of your faith so that your life will result in praise and glory when Jesus returns. Although it is great to spend time on a "spiritual mountaintop" we cannot stay there forever. More often than not, at the bottom of that mountain lies cold, hard reality. Yet fruit grows best in the valleys not on the mountaintops. Our greatest character development takes place when we take what we have learned on the mountaintop and put it into practice in the valley.

The first time I read this it really hit me, I am God's child. I had it heard millions of times before but this time it stuck. I can't tell you the comfort I find in remembering I am God's child.

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Kara said...

You are SO beautiful, inside and out. And my heart just sank reading that. Thank you for sharing that, Marianne. Just got back from church and it was such a nice surprise to find this post.
Your in my thoughts today.

In other news, next time we plan a couples trip you and Patrick are coming!!!!!!!!!

lizziefitz said...

That was exactly what I needed this morning ,thank you. I found a post on another blog that made me think of you ...A lifes design entry 4-3-2009 Bungalow Classic.

Blue Creek Home said...

Thank you for sharing this and being a witness today. Rhonda

Tommy Bahama Bedding said...

Really beautiful passage - I love the last line :)

Cristin said...

I love your Sunday posts.


Sweet Nothings said...

so lovely.

Haven and Home said...

Thanks Lizzie for the notice, I LOVE that store. So me! It is so special you sent me there, you know my style!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

love the post.

Can you point me to the blog..I'm 99% sure I found it on yours, of the lady who repaints old furniture cute funky colors and resales it?

I need some inspiration.


PS~Erin said...

I'm doing my first official Bible study right now, Anointed, redeemed and transformed. The first week was one just this, remembering whose you and who you are. Pretty big stuff.

Thanks for sharing this!