Friday, April 3, 2009

Circa Who- Part 2

When I find a store I really love I always want to know more about the people behind it. Tracy, owner of Circa Who, from here, here, and here, was kind enough to answer some questions for me. (She is on the right, the lady she shares the space with, Dawn, is on the left)

H&H: How did you get started?

CW: I started this as a hobby--I have always had a passion for the hunt --I get so excited when I spot that fabulous piece amongst a room full of ordinary things--My collection had begun to out grow my husbands warehouse so he encouraged me to open a shop--

H&H: Where did the name Circa Who come from?

CW: I came up with the name Circa Who for two reasons--First, because when I would go out buying dealers would say something like, "that is circa 1970 Karl Springer" and I would say, "Circa Who"--Second, because when a piece was made or who made it has nothing to do with why I buy it--I buy it because I LOVE IT!!--

(I could not love that answer more!)

H&H: What do you look for in pieces you sell?

CW: I look for things other then ordinary--I like to find fabulous things that can be used as found or can be refurbished to perfection--If I don't love it though, I won't buy it--There are so many things fabulous things out there with so much life left--

H&H: Where do you find the pieces in your store?

CW: I find the pieces in my shop all over South Florida--I shop everywhere one would shop to find a fabulous pieces from the past--From yard sales to estate sales, from second hand stores to consignment shops--You name it, I am there--

H&H: Does your store reflect your personal style?

CW: My shop does reflect my personal style--My home is a mix of many decades--I believe if you LOVE everything you find it will all work together--

H&H:What is your favorite category of pieces to shop for?

CW: I love to shop for everything--Being born in 1970 I do find myself loving that decade the most--You can only imagine how excited I was when pieces from the 70s became the trend-- I even made a chair from 1970s ties called Daddy's Fattys-- 2120 - TRACY DERAMUS - DADDY'S FATTIES-NUMBERED ED. CHAIR BY TRACY DERAMUS - 1stdibs

*On more thing, here is how Dawn and Tracy became business partners

About two years ago I was lucky enough to meet a Florida native named Dawn--I would go out buying and would find things that were marked sold with Dawn's name on it--So, one day I left a note on a great set of brown faux bamboo chairs to call me if she wanted to sell them--Well, she called and I purchased the chairs and many other items over the next few months--she is now my business partner

Don't you love that story? It is only a matter of time before I visit the store in person. Thank you Tracy for all your help! Visit Tracy and Dawn HERE.


paula said...

great interview. I especially love how they came up with the name. BTW, I loved getting to meet last night! You really are quite adorable:)

Sweet Nothings said...

great interview!!

No.35style said...

add this to the list of places i'd like to visit!

LindsB said...

What a great interview- I love how she came up with the name of her store, so cute!

Lauren said...

Oh she seems awesome!!! love the story & am now even sadder we didn't make to FLorida!!! hahaha

Kara said...

GREAT post, Marianne!! You know I'm loving it!! :)
I also loved your "one pic" challenge...I keep avoiding it!

andrea said...

awesome interview! way to make it to the top, sis. love ya! Dra