Monday, December 15, 2008

Mondays Are For Day Dreaming: Shiny Things Coming My Way

What if for Christmas I was getting something shiny and sparkly, antique and outrageously expensive? What if the price tags ended in 000 or 0,000 or even 00,000 instead of one 0? Hey, don't judge me , this my DAY DREAM. This day dream all started when I spied this in an ad.....In one second I knew I had to have it and it would also never be mine.......Which got me thinking, I don't have any brooches, not even a cheap one! So I decided to go looking. Let's start with some festive pieces to get us in the spirit.....This one is so sweet, is is spring yet?Oh and then there is this one. This one makes me laugh out loud. So perfect for a Monday. It says, "Even though I may look nice because I am dressed nicely be warned. I am in a MOOD and may bite your head off at any moment." I believe this is the exact look I give my alarm clock on Monday mornings. If I owned this piece I may even wear it to the gym to warn people to steer clear since I am always grumpy going to the gym. ( I am kidding, I don't wear jewelry to the gym, it is a pet peeve of mine).
Simple, lovely, these pieces remind me of earrings my Grandmother gave me that I love dearly.

I may not own any brooches, but I do own some watches. I LOVE watches, they are my "thing". However, I don't have any nice dress watches, I will take both of these in case I can't decide between gold or diamond.

Some for the rest of the week......

Well, I had to throw in some earrings for good measure....

And since it is the season of "five golden rings"......

So I hope you enjoyed this little daydream. Unless you are insanely lucky, don't fall in love with anything on here- everything shown has at least three 000's on the end of the price tag if not more. ALL JEWELRY AND IMAGES FROM

PS- the lion is already sold, I hope the owner finds it as amusing as I do.

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