Friday, December 5, 2008

Forgotten "Source"

Don't you love when a catalogue comes in the mail that is from a company you seem to have forgotten about and it makes you excited all over again? Me too. So needless to say I was happy to see my SOURCE PERRIER COLLECTION catalogue in my mailbox. Here are just some of the treasures you might find, I know you will be shocked by my first choice, haha...For the dog lovers out there. Usually I don't go for such "themed" objects, but in the right room these could be a great conversation starter.From by the fire to the great outdoors. This bench go could go with so many different looks...
This was the first page I marked in the catalogue which is surprising because it is NOT me at all. While I do like a good chair cover the ruffle along the bottom is a little too poofy, but nevertheless I am drawn to these. They are very sweet.I LOVE THESE. They are surprisingly not that expensive @ $185/pair (did I mention earlier that this is not one of my super cheap resources-oh I didn't? Oops!) Of course they are for candles and not hard wired so that is one point to take into consideration.The tray makes me want to throw a party, but the picture is a reminder that simple arrangements can be eye catching.Mirrors- one of decorators best friends. So many I love, but I always think mirrors that are convex just have that extra special something to them.
I love pretty bath products, what can I say? These are so simple they would not intimidate anyone-

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Lauren said...

Wow- So pretty. love the aqua desk.