Friday, November 14, 2008

Swedish Antiques

I have a thing for Swedish antiques, a BIG thing. I am not sure if it is the color, the quiet character, the unexpected details, who knows but it is love. So, when it comes to furnishing my "One Day House" I will definitely be going to

What do I not like in this picture? That would be NOTHING! There is even a moose in the background that makes me smile.

I want want want you my little bench. I think I would add a cushion made out of a fabulous velvet or raw silk to this bench.
Demilune tables are so versatile.

I KNOW I am in the minority on this, but I LOVE Swedish clocks. I will have one, one day, you heard it here.

You don't see many high bed foot boards these days, I will have to use one somewhere soon. The upholstered ends = plenty of room to customize
How good would a pair of these look in a children's bedroom? Surrounded by bright colors, they would be divine.

All images from Lone Ranger Antiques


Stephanie Sabbe said...

New blog friend!! I'm going to link you as my favorite residential designer:)'re the only one I know. We need to talk. I want to see how much you love your job. I may try to get into residential when I start popping out babies...which will not be soon.

Paloma said...

Gorgeous! This has just given me another reason to make it to Round Top, TX this spring.