Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Some Nursery Color Palettes

Okay, I almost didn't do this post because the colors on the paint chips did NOT scan well at all. Disclaimer: THESE ARE NOT ACCURATE COLORS JUST BE WARNED! However, I decided to post this because the color combinations are REALLY GREAT and I if you are looking to paint to you should definitely go to Lowe's and check out these colors from Martha Stewart for Valspar.

These colors are really a pale, pale blue, a creamy yellow and retro green

A sweet cream/white that could turn slightly pink with white and brown/gray accent colors. This would be good in a girly nursery that has a lot of florals, pinks and white.

This combination is VERY soothing. Just the name-Bleached Driftwood-screams my name. It really is a non-color color, a very light gray/blue/brown with a calm green/blue accent strip and a white accent color too. This combination could be used in so many rooms...I would love to see the Bleached Driftwood on the walls and the blue color MS313 on the ceiling...

Love this for a girls room, may have to use this one day... Deep charcoal with a very light milk chocolate accent-MS174 and a very pale pink accent as well-

It is reminiscent of Jenna Lyons nursery in this month's Domino magazine (I know everyone LOVES her house and I am no different), you need to check out the rest of her article...

And finally, this one is not necessarily nursery, but I love the clean crisp white and gray scheme. The picture I love and it is actually on the front of a paint chip.

**Again, these colors are not accurate, please know they are MUCH MUCH better in person

Paint Chips- Martha Stewart For Valspar found at Lowes
Room pictures from Domino Magazine November 2008


The Pittmans said...

Are you planning a nursery??? :)

Haven and Home said...

I am doing a few nurseries for clients but not one for me!

ann mcguire said...

I really like the first color combination you mention. It’s too bad the computer monitor can’t truly show how subtle and sophisticated this grouping is. The soft blue is a beautiful backdrop for accents of the vibrant deep yellow-green. Fondant is also a great soft foundation color. The three together give you plenty of room to add additional layers of color as the baby gets bigger. No doubt, friends and family will also add to the room’s color scheme with their gifts. Having a playful neutral palette allows for all this to work and grow.