Monday, December 7, 2015

O Christmas Tree

When Green Valley Christmas Trees reached out to me to review their trees I thought, "Sure, why not?".  It did seem somewhat odd to have our Christmas tree delivered to our door but things have been so crazy lately I figured it was one less thing to worry about.  It arrived quickly and the boys were excited to arrive home to such a large box.
This is the tree they sent me.  Initially I had planned to use it for our indoor tree but for a few reasons (none having to do with the tree they sent) I decided to place it in our front yard instead.  Our old street puts trees in the front yard and it was always so nice to come home to the lights; I decided to continue on the tradition.
One tree stand and few stakes later...
and the tree was up!  
I can honestly say I love it.  It is a pretty tree and I was really pleased with the overall appearance and quality.  I was slightly nervous to open the box because it did stay in there for a few days longer than I had planned, but it came out looking perfect (not that I would recommend leaving it in the box).
Green Valley Christmas Trees asked me for my honest review-good or bad and I have to say I would give them a perfect rating.  I am happy they sent me this tree because it was a great experience, one that I would not have thought of previously.  They were fast, friendly, the tree looks great and you can't beat the convenience.  I will be keeping them in my mind for future tree purchases!

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Mary Beth at said...

I absolutely agree that everyone should decorate using real trees, not fake (so much better for the Earth!!!). Really beautiful and I love that they deliver. That's amazing.