Monday, September 27, 2010

New York Recap

I am still smiling from my great trip to NYC with my Dad. While the trip started with an e-mail from Camila saying, "you can't miss your boyfriend (Nate)", it turned into so much more than that. The best part really was getting to meet so many fellow bloggers. It is crazy how you meet everyone for the first time but it really is like you are old friends.

Unfortunately my camera was on the outs so my pictures are blurry or just didn't come out so some of these are borrowed from others (thank you). Everything started Monday night at the Rue Launch Party. The ladies of Rue are so sweet and I was inspired by what they have accomplished.
Above: Jade Flip Flops & Pearls, Camila High Heeled Foot In The Door, Emily Emily A. Clark
Jade and Camila
Lovely bloggers with Eddie Ross
Emily and Cristin Simplified Bee
I should say my week actually began with this sweet blogger Rhoda (Southern Hospitality). I was boarding my plane in Birmingham when I heard my name and there she was. We were able to sit next to each other and I was having such a good time talking to her it might have been the quickest flight of my life!
The next day it was off to breakfast with bloggers (I don't have any pictures) and then to Nate.
This was taken while we were waiting- Stephanie Sabbe Spot, Lindsey Everything LEB, Emily Perfectly Put Together, Carlee Deliciously Organized, Jenny Little Green Notebook, Camila. I now consider myself an honorary Boston resident now, I LOVED my Boston bloggers.
Janell Isabella & Max, Jade, Beth Hello Lover
The next day I went to What's New What's Next at the NYDC which was so much fun. While I was there I met some amazing designers (more on that tomorrow). Camila was blogging from a showroom there, I am so proud of everything she has accomplished. While there I was able to visit with the wonderful ladies of Nesting Newbies- Lea (pictured above) and Natalie. I actually met them the day before at breakfast and I can't tell you how wonderful they were. They gave me some great advice and I really appreciate the time they spent with me. I will have another post about the rest of the day tomorrow but the trip ended in Little Italy with Camila and my Dad enjoying some great food. I have to thank my Dad for being such a great traveling companion, experiencing all of this with him was very cool.
Meeting everyone last week was an experience I won't soon forget. It was great to get to know so many talented and sweet people. I owe it all to Camila who got my behind up to NYC! She was the first friend I made blogging and we have been in touch on a weekly basis for the last 2 years. I can honestly say she is now a very close friend and I so, so thankful we got to spend so much time together. Thank you Camila for everything!!!!

**Update: I have been asked what I thought about the whole Nate experience. I do think there are some valid points that other bloggers have made but all in all it was interesting to see. I do wish the show had been more blogger oriented knowing everything that went in to the trip before hand, but I am still thankful I was able to be a part of it. Also, the Q&A after the show with Nate was great, I wish the whole show had been that!


Melissa @ Veranda Interiors said...

Looks like you had a fab time...tell us, were you as upset as many many bloggers out there that there was no mention of the blogging community during taping??

Hamptontoes said...

Sounds like you had a fun time in the big apple! Isn't is so much fun meeting other bloggers with like minded interests?

Cindy said...

Sounds amazing!! Great pics!

A Perfect Gray said...

I was hoping to meet you...! I stayed just across the Long Island Sound with my sister who lives in CT so I missed the other parties. I had a great time!

Laurel-Dawn McBurney said...

What an amazing experience! It's fun to see all of my favorite bloggers together, so fun! Thanks for sharing!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Miss you honey! Was practically in tears on my train ride home from our dinner in Little Italy! It was a blast to have you in town and me and Jon are already planning our get away to come visit with you, Patrick and Harry.

Tell Dad I say Hi! How did I not get a picture with him?

Ah next time.



Splendid Sass said...

Thanks for sharing, Marianne. I am glad that you had a nice trip.
Have a great, cool day!

Trent Bailey Photography said...

So great meeting you at the nest afterparty! always fun to run into southerners in the city!

Anonymous said...

so fab!! i wish i lived out there :(

Ms. Bright said...

it's so much fun just seeing the pics from this trip! I only wish I could've been there to meet all of you adorable ladies!!

glad you had such a great time!!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Marianne! Looking forward to spending some time with you right here in B'ham, now that we've actually met. Can't wait! Had a great time too. You are so photogenic!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

SO good to see you! I wish you lived up here, although it would take a little bit away from you telling everyone your blog is called "Haaaayven and Hooooome":)

Cristin // Simplified Bee said...

So fun meeting you in NYC... you are beautiful inside and out.


Averill said...

While I'm jealous you got to see Nate, I think I'm more jealous that you got to hang out with all these fabulous ladies!

paula said...

so fun! I would have love to have gone and meet every one. oh well, at least I have you!

Anonymous said...

great recap! It was so fabulous to meet you and i WISH you could come live in Boston with us bloggers. Imagine the fun we would have? Hopefully we'll meet again soon. You are fabulous!!

Mary @ RoomPolish said...

aww looks like so much fun! Seriously you and all these ladies === my idols! love it.

Amanda said...

I was so thrilled to meet you, I can honestly say that you were the first blog I ever added to my favorites so to hangout with you was lovley. I hope we can keep in touch :)


Emily A. Clark said...

Loved your recap! And,I wish we had gone w/ you on Wednesday. How exciting to meet all of those wonderful designers. I just loved meeting you and hope we're able to get together again in the near future. Let me know if you ever head to Charlotte!

Lauren said...

awww what a fun trip!!! wish i could have met you all!!

big hug and u just look gorgeous in every pic!!

ps- love the kitchen redo you posted too!

LindsB said...

Miss you so much already and its only been a week!! We MUST do this again and SOON!! Birmingham? Boston? NYC? Lets work on this asap!

Pink Wallpaper said...

what a wonderful experience...thanks for sharing it w/ us!!

Lea McIntosh said...


I LOVED meeting you and your father! All of us from Nesting Newbies enjoyed meeting everyone at the Nate show and at the NYDC. We can't wait to get back over there!

Please don't ever hesitate to let me know if you ever need any recipes or cooking inspiration.

I have a couple of pics from Natalie of you and your father. I will send them over. : )